Payment Information on Your Credit Card Payment Information will be shown as Ticket Galaxy on your credit card statement.
Credit Card Details We don’t store credit card details.
Why I have to register my details We introduced mandatory login method to purchase the tickets to ensure the details are correct and for traceability.
Do you share my details? We share your details with the only the relevant event organisers. Your name, email, telephone, quantity and type of ticket you bought are the details shared with event organiser.
If the event is cancelled by event organiser, will I get the refund? It will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the event organiser. Please contact the event organiser.
How do I receive my tickets? Tickets will be sent to your email once the successful transaction has occurred.
Lost Tickets / Reprint Tickets Login to your account to download your tickets.
Refunds Please contact your event organiser directly regarding any cancellation of your booking.
Cancel my tickets Only event organisers can cancel the tickets and refund. Please contact the event organiser.
Questions about Event Contact your event organiser directly.