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How long to list my event? Usually under 2 hrs and to the maximum of 24 hrs.
How much is processing fee? 2.1% +0.50 cents (paid by organiser)
How much is booking fee? 0.50 cents (paid by ticket buyer)
How do I get the event link?
Will be sent either to one or all the options: email, text, Whatsapp.
Also can be copied from our facebook page.
How can I view my event listing? Can be found in search or calendar list, Buy tickets link.
When do I get attendee list? At the closing time of ticket sales / can be viewed in the entry scanner App once logged in.
What is the format of attendee list?
Provided in pdf format. Including buyer name, ticket type, ticket ID, food choice & more.
Entry Scanner
We provide QR code and Barcode and Ticket ID to every ticket sold, you can download the iPhone and Android apps from the link provided from our website 
You can use any number and types of devices to scan tickets. We recommend you to use QR Codes for scanning purposes.
API key for Scanner
API key will be provided to you before the event to the event organiser only to the maximum of 2 members. You can then share those to any number of devices. INSTALLATION URL is (TYPE EXACTLY THE SAME AS MENTIONED HERE).
API KEY will be a numeric/alphanumeric we provided to the organiser.
Funds Transfer Within 24 – 48 hours after the event completion only
Why funds transfer takes so long
Due to unforeseen events, if you may cancel the events we can organise the refund to the ticket buyers. Still, as an event organiser you may need to incur any charges involved in the refund process.
Can I get some fund before event
At Ticket Galaxy management discretion you may access to some part of funds but it is not guaranteed.
Ticket Galaxy may claim those funds before the event and the event organiser has to deposit those funds into Ticket Galaxy’s financial institution within 24 hours.
We strongly recommend you take an insurance for the events you organise. Ticket Galaxy is not liable for any loss or damages occurs through the ticket sales.